Beautiful fall pictures


Of all the seasons, fall is definitely my favorite. I’m still in the Arctic at the moment, but took these beautiful fall pictures the week before I left. I’m looking forward to head back home in a couple of weeks for several reasons; to enjoy glimpses of the sun (there’s no more sun in the Arctic at this point!), go for walks outside in a magnificent colorful scenery, catch up with friends over a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, and spend time with the family. In the meantime, I just started the countdown for my departure (11 days!) and try to enjoy the last couple of weeks I have left in the Arctic!


What’s your favorite season?


Checking of my Bucketlist ✔️


I’m checking of yet another point on my Bucketlist; a visit to Svalbard!

The Svalbard Islands are located in Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. This place has fascinated travels for a long time – here, you will find untouched arctic wilderness and a unique wildlife hand in hand, as well as an introduction to the interesting history of the famous coal mines. And if you are lucky, maybe you will spot a polo bear or two!

Svalbard offers a variety of adventures, depending on the season; experience the midnight sun and endless arctic tundra in the summer, see and explore the Town of Longyearbyen, or maybe the Russian architecture and culture combined with wilderness in the town of Barentsburg, or the magical and mythical Northern Lights dancing in the sky in the winter time. Another tip is a visit to Pyramiden, an old abandoned Russian mining settlement. In fact, National Geographic named it «one of the most fascinating ghost towns» in the world. For outdoor enthusiasts, activities such as snowmobile safaris, ice cave walks, walrus safari, dog sledding tours, and outdoor city walks with arctic meals are great options.

Despite depending on the income of tourism, Svalbard is a certified Sustainable Destination, a seal of approval given to destinations that work systematically to reduce the negative impact of tourism. It’s expensive to protect, prevent, preserve and repair, therefore, everyone who visits must pay a small environmental fee which goes toward protecting the environment and cultural heritage. You can read more about it here!

Here are some pictures from Longyearbyen;


Have you ever been in the Arctic before?

Fall Bucketlist


The magnificent colors of yellow, red, and orange, the cool and crisp air outside, and the pumpkins.. fall is a fantastic season and one of my all time favorites. After a long and unusually warm summer (at least for Norway), I’m most definitely ready for fall! I’m looking forward to chill nights with a good book, knit sweaters and scarfs, enjoying a cup of coffee outside in cool and crisp air, and trying out some new recipes in the kitchen. And in case you would like some inspiration, here’s some great ideas to keep you busy this fall;

  Go for long walks outside in fresh air

Invite a group of friends on a weekend trip somewhere

Trying out new recipes in the kitchen

Make hot apple cider from scratch

Watch «Hocus Pocus» – one my all time favorite Halloween movies!

Make cute fall decorations using pieces from the nature

Invite friends over for a game night

 Go on a cabin trip (preferably in the mountains)

Invite the family over for a fall inspired meal (I’m thinking Lamb!)

Participate in voluntary work in a cause I’m passionate about

Carve some pumpkins and prepare for «Trick of Treaters» on Halloween

Gather friends for a bonfire night outside with great food, cold beer and some snacks

Visit a friend I haven’t seen in a while

Bundle up in front of the fireplace with a good book

Do you have a fall bucketlist or maybe some fall traditions? Feel free to share and inspire.. 🙂

Interesting links from around the web



This is without a doubt one of the coolest desks I’ve ever seen.

It started as a photography project in 2010 – I absolutely love the touching stories told by Humans of New York.

I’ll be using this for inspiration – Elle’s 5 stunning ways to style your bar cart.

This is what it looks like to live in a 175 square foot (16 m2) apartment in NYC

This BLT flatbread (half salad, half pizza) looks delicious!

8 tricks interior design experts use to stylishly organize bookshelves.

Here’s some inspiration for fun ways to throw an epic backyard barbecue party this summer.

This cool whiskey set will be perfect for our bar-cart.

135 amazing facts for people who like amazing facts.

My favorite documentary maker – Louis Theroux


He has a nice face and a soothing voice, he’s a British journalist, broadcaster, and documentary film maker – I’m talking about the brilliant Louis Theroux!


In addition to drama, documentaries are one of my favorite movie genres to watch. I especially find them interesting and appealing because they portray a true picture of how things really are, nothing is left in the dark. Louis is most known for his documentary series «When Louis met..», «Louis Theroux’s weirdest weekends» and his two BBC specials «Louis and the Brothel» and «Under the Knife», in which he received two British Academy Television Awards and a Royal Television Society Ward for.

Louis Theroux comes of as intelligent, sympathetic and wise. He approach his interviewees in a humane and respectful manner, which leads him to retrieve lots of inside information, ultimately setting the foundation for the high quality of his work. If you’re interested in documentaries, I suggest checking out Louis’s work. Here is a list of some of his most interesting documentaries;

Behind Bars; Louis goes inside California’s San Quentin – one of America’s most notorious prisons, to meet with serial murders, gang members, at-risk inmates, and the prison guards.

Born Again Christians; in Dallas, Louis meets evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb, and join a group of hardline Christians called «the Family» as they visit the Deep Ellum entertainment district.

The City addicted to Crystal Meth; Louis examine how drug addiction has torn apart the city of Fresno, California.

Thai Brides; Louis visits a Bangkok marriage agency, where Western men meet Thai brides.

When Louis meet Jimmy; Louis visits his former childhood hero – 73 year old Jimmy Savile, the miner who became a TV and radio star. He talks about the pedophilia allegations against Savile, before the Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal broke after his death.

Louis and the Brothel; Ex-prostitute Susan Austin and her ex-client and now husband, Lance Gilman, now runs America’s newest and legal brothel, the Wild Horse Range in Reno, Nevada. In a three week period, Louis gets to know this remarkable couple and meet their customers. He also hears the stories of the working women.

Louis and the Nazi’s; Louis travels to California to get to know some of the key personalities of the American Neo-Nazi movement.

The Most Hated Family in America; Louis gets to know the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, whose members are nearly all from one family and are infamous for extreme homophobia and picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers. «God hate Fags» is a repetitive phrase in this documentary.

Under the Knife; in California, where you can be whatever and do whatever you want with the flick of a knife and several thousands of dollars, Louis temps to get under the skin of extreme plastic surgery.

A Place for Pedophiles; Louis visits the Coalinga Mental Hospital in California, which houses more than 500 convicted pedophiles. Spending time with those undergoing treatment, Louis wrestles whether he can ever allow himself to believe men whose whole history is defined by deception and deceit.

Transgender Kids; Louis travels to a hospital in San Fransisco to meet transgender children and their families, as they undergo life changing treatment.

By Reason of Insanity (Part 1 & 2); Louis immerses himself in the world of Ohio State’s Psychiatric Hospitals, meeting patients who have committed crimes – at times horrifically violent – while in the grip of severe mental illness.

Most of his documentaries can be found and watched for free on Documentaryheaven.

Do you like documentaries? Is there any documentaries you would recommend?

Summer 2018 Bucketlist

My Bucketlist, Travel

As were almost halfway through April, summer is approaching fast. Located in Northern Europe, Norway is not exactly known for it’s long and warm summers, I therefore think it’s important to make the most of each summer. Even though I’ll be working a lot this summer, my goal is to make this summer (any summer really) the most memorable, regardless of what I might be doing. As the Bucketlist enthusiast I am, I of course made a summer Bucketlist! Here’s what I intend to do this summer;


Kick off summer 2018 by celebrating my birthday (yay!!!)

Invite friends over for a backyard barbecue

Read several new books

Jam out and have fun at the Stavern Festival 

Have an outdoor picnic

Go on a girls trip abroad

Go strawberry picking and make homemade jam

Spend (hopefully lots!!) of lazy days at the beach

Visit the Koster Islands in Sweden

Take a road trip (it doesn’t have to be far away)

Climb the Pulpit Rock and enjoy it’s breathtaking views

Make smore’s on a campfire

Enjoy delicious iced lattes in the sun @ my favorite coffee shop

Have some fun nights out drinking & dancing with good friends

Visit a museum of interest

Invite friends over for a game-night

Visit my sister and her boyfriend in south of Norway

Make homemade ice cream (I’ll make an attempt to try this recipe – it looks delicious!) 

Shop fresh veggies and support the local farmers market

Build a beach bonfire and pop a bottle of ice cold corona

Go on a vacation someplace south in Europe (We are set on Greece!)

Get a bright pedicure to match my new sandals

Go for long walks on the Coastal Path

Try out new recipes in the kitchen

Make homemade flavored lemonade

Spend time with friends I haven’t seen in a long time

Go swimming in the rain

Have a movie marathon (on a rainy day)

Take advantage of my new bike and go on many bike rides

What are your plans this summer?

Interesting links from around the web


In the column «interesting links from around the web», I’ll be sharing links to different things I enjoy and find interesting, and I hope you like them too! Here’s this weeks links;


The New York Times post on 52 places to go in 2018.

 I love these face masks from May Beauty. I have tried both the face mask and the face gel, both in which I absolutely love!

A guide to the «Best Airbnb New York City rentals for travelers».

I picked up this Dolce & Gabbana perfume when flying home from Amsterdam a while back. «Succulent exotic fruits and bright pink florals give way to a musky, appetite-arousing base» – it smells heavenly!

5 ways to make avocado toast Gabby style – yum!

After being wrongfully convicted of murder and rape and imprisoned for 23 years, previous White Sox employee gets his job back after being released in November 2017 – what an amazing story!

Rose’s amazing pictures from the Souks of Marrakesh.

Meditation is proven to be a good way to handle stress better. Here are 7 ways medication can actually change the brain.

They are incredibly fluffy, affectionate and independent – top 10 health benefits of having a cat.